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LinkedIn Wants Your Professional Content [Personal Branding]

LinkedIn (again) blew the doors off of its earnings expectations yesterday. Their net income rose 66% thanks to a 81% revenue increase, fueling a 10% after-hours pop in its stock price. LinkedIn earns revenue from three sources; recruiting tools (Talent Solutions), advertising (Marketing Solutions) and premium membership accounts. Talent Solutions revenue increased 90% to $161M. […]

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The Legend of Employee Referrals Is Linked to Zao

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that just about all hiring organizations are using, or plan to use, social media to recruit job candidates. And hiring authorities are looking for referrals as a part of their social media–based recruiting efforts. You want your #CareerGravity to be right, to look good, when acquaintances of […]

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TalentBin: Diversify Your Online Footprint Now

Recruiting has changed. That’s an understatement of the highest order. The fancy schmancy term for recruitment is talent acquisition, by the way. As it turns out, I’m working on a related article due to HRO Today, well, today. Recently, in preparations for writing that article, I had the pleasure of speaking with Peter Kazanjy, co-founder and CEO of […]

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Dear Start-ups: Your Employees, Your Employer Brand

An organization has two brands: an employer brand and a consumer brand. And the two converge today effortlessly, as a matter of course. That’s because of social media generally and the web, period. For established organizations, especially large enterprises, the new dynamics are a potential liability; gently persuading all those employees’ voices to communicate a […]

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