Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes in Social Media

social mediaFollowing is a recent conversation between Jon DiPietro and Brent Skinner, co-founders of #CareerGravity:

Brent: Hey, Jon, how’s it going?

Jon: Great, how are you?

Brent: I’m good. Hey, I got a question for ya.

Jon: Lay it on me.

Brent: Um, what? I’m confused. I have a question and thought you might know the answer.

Jon: That’s a figure of speech, Brent. It means to tell me.

Brent: Oh.

Jon: …

Brent: OK, so, anyway, I just created a brand new Google account for that thing we were talking about, and I then created a YouTube channel for it, using the new Google account. But then I wondered if it is legal to buy youtube subscribers, but cast that thought aside as fast as it had come.  THEN, I logged into Google+ under my own, personal Google account and created a business page there for it.

Jon: So what’s the problem? Sounds great.

Brent: Well, yeah, but now I don’t know if we’ll be able to simulcast Google Hangouts from the business page on my own Google+ to the YouTube page that’s under a different Google account. I didn’t even think of that until after I’d created everything. Do you know? Can we do that?

Jon: Sorry, but I don’t know off the top of my head. Google keeps changing all of this stuff every other week.

See? With so many ch ch ch ch changes to social media happening literally daily, sometimes even we at #CareerGravity don’t know the answer. Or, we do, but the answer doesn’t matter, because it could be a different answer tomorrow. Yes, it can be that crazy.

The Song Remains the Same

social media changes

…but Google+ doesn’t. And neither does Facebook, for that matter. To a lesser extent, but still, most social media destination are continually changing the ways you can do things on them. It’s all the more reason for you to heed the free #CareerGravity Blueprint‘s advice to own your domain and only expect to keep the stuff you own. After you’ve taken this precaution, the trick is to remain abreast and ahead of all those changes in social media, at your online footprint’s many outposts. Following are a few quick tips. …

China Grovo

changes in social mediaYou don’t need to grovel for information on the light-speed changes to social media sites. Grovo, a free service I just learned about last week, emails you updates on the frequent changes to any social media outpost you want. Go to and you’ll encounter a bevy of videos all about all those destinations. There’s a lot of information at Grovo. Grovo even has an exceedingly low-cost service for business users. Check it out.

Where Do We Go Now?

Grovo isn’t the only place where the experts stay on top of the ever-changing nature of our favorite social media sites. Information-rich blogs and sites such as Mashable, CNET, Social Media Examiner, TechCrunch and others provide their readers with near-constant updates on the near-constantly evolving landscape of social media. Sign up for their RSS feeds and stay informed.

image credit: David Bowie, by Thuany Gabriela

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