The Future of Work

The Future of WorkThis week I came across a report called The Future of Work from a publisher named PSFK. In it, they identified 16 trends across 4 macro themes that they say will impact the workplace in the future. I’ve pulled out a few of the more compelling examples that I think people should think about.

Career Matchmaking

Systems are leveraging social and contextual information to help better match companies and talent for deeper connections that create lasting value. Human resource departments and recruiters refer to people who apply for jobs using job boards as “Homers,” as in Homer Simpson. The reason is that the talent level of those candidates is generally poorer than those that come through referrals. With the convenience of social media and help from companies like salesforce reagarding e-commerce, companies are now able to scale this process and find candidates who are better matches.

Lesson: If your digital footprint is too small to be seen, you’ll be missing out on many of those opportunities. Don’t be a “Homer.”

The Quantified Employee

Talent management tools that leverage big data are revealing hidden metrics tied to employee value. For example, they discussed tools used by workers rank their peers to reveal company value. Also, companies are using tools that will generate social metric scores for existing employees. So it’s not just about using social media to find a job, companies are now beginning to use these tools to figure out who they’re going to promote.

Lesson: Your success is not just about how you perform but to whom you’re connected.


Technologies are helping employees interact remotely with co-workers and objects stationed anywhere in the world. This means outsourcing will be easier and competition will be stiffer. Tehnophobes need not apply! Successful employees are going to be the ones that are more comfortable with technology and collaboration tools.

Lesson: Get to know (and stay informed) about the latest digital technologies for networking and collaboration.


With the advent of mobile technology and cloud computing, more and more companies will be relying on freelance workers in place of full timers. This means that more and more people are going to have to think of themselves as entrepreneurs and business owners in order to get the jobs they need to meet their income goals. Marketing and social media are keys for success in this realm.

Lesson: You future workplace may be your home office and require you to work for multiple companies instead of one!

You can view the entire report here:

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