The World’s Best Résumés

Simone Fortunini - homeLast July, I wrote a post about the Best Online Résumé Ever. It was the online résumé of an online marketing manager who constructed it to look exactly like Google’s free Analytics tool. There were a number of reasons why this was a fantastic online CV, including the facts that it was relevant, demonstrative, fascinating and optimized for search.

“My intent with this project is showing both the two sides of my professionality in digital: a good technological understanding and an online marketing knowledge,” Fortunini says. “Trying to analyse my professional path like a ‘web site performance’ has been hard, but helpful to get an objective point of view about current achievements and future goals.”

Well, I’ve seen a couple more examples of really creative résumés in the past couple of weeks and thought I’d show you an updated list of the world’s best résumés.

The Amazon Résumé

This first example is very similar to the Simone Fortunini résumé. It’s another online résumé that mimicked the look and feel of a website that is relevant and complimentary to the person’s career. In the case of web product manager Philippe Dubost, what better way to showcase his e-commerce skills than to build his own Amazon product page?


As Chris Taylor from Mashable put it, “We don’t actually know if Philippe Dubost is any good at his job. But boy, can he throw together a resume.”

The Candy Bar Résumé

The most recent viral résumé wasn’t an online version: It was a candy bar. That’s right, it was a real, crunch bar. Actually, Nick Begley made 12 of these bars and submitted them to job openings. It captured the attention of one employer, who hired him in the marketing department at sports site Sportsvite. Reportedly, it was not simply the idea that landed him the job, but the level of detail put into the stunt. Check out the image below and look at the ingredients and nutritional details. Even the UPC code contained his favorite number (32).


The job market still hasn’t improved nearly five years into a recession, so you need every edge you can get. You’ve seen the competition… What’s your plan to get the career you deserve?

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