The Best Online Resume EVER

A couple of day ago, I posted 6 Examples of Creative Resumes and one of those was a candidate who “…crafted his resume to look like Google search results for the ‘perfect candidate.'” I thought today I’d share that resume with you and deconstruct some of the reasons why I think Simone Fortunini‘s is the best online resume EVER.

Simone Fortunini - home


Simone is an online marketing manager, which means that the people looking to hire him eat, sleep and breathe Google Analytics. For that reason, his idea is highly relevant to his target audience. If he were looking to be hired by an accounting firm, I doubt most of them would have any idea what this website represented. In fact, the recruiter who recalled this is a great example: They said his resume looked like “Google search results” instead of Google Analytics.


There is an old adage that advises writers to always show, don’t tell. Simone’s online resume does exactly that. It demonstrates many of the key skills required for his desired job; creativity, web design, Google Analytics, HTML, CSS, etc…


Simon Fortunini - technical skillsAs someone who uses Google Analytics every single day, I was completely fascinated by his website. I wanted to make sure I saw every single page on his website to see how closely it mimicked Google Analytics. The way he adapted the charts and graphs to represent his job history and skills was very clever. It’s really fun to click around his site.

Optimized for Search

Simone payed careful attention to the page titles, URLs and headings on his site so that it would be optimized for search engines. Here are some examples of titles and URLs:

  • Home page: “Simone Fortunini – Online Marketing Manager”
  • Experience as advertising manager: “Advertising Manager | Simone Fortunini – Online Marketing Manager in Milan”
  • Technical skills – “Technical skills | Simone Fortunini – Online Marketing Manager in Milan”

He incorporated important keywords that hiring companies would be using in their searches, like “advertising manager Milan.”

Room for Improvement

As great as this resume is, it’s not perfect. One glaring omission is a strong call to action that leads to a Hire Me page. His “Contact Me” link at the bottom of the page is merely an email address. He may improve his chances by having a larger “Hire Me” link on the page that  sent visitors to a page with his value proposition, testimonials and multiple means to be contacted (e.g. email, phone, form, social media).

How About You?

Hopefully this can provide some ideas and inspiration for you. Personally, I like his idea of embedding a printable resume on his site. I have a downloadable resume but embedding it is an even better idea that I’m going to borrow.

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