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The World’s Best Résumés

Last July, I wrote a post about the Best Online Résumé Ever. It was the online résumé of an online marketing manager who constructed it to look exactly like Google’s free Analytics tool. There were a number of reasons why this was a fantastic online CV, including the facts that it was relevant, demonstrative, fascinating and optimized for […]

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Facebook dislike

Why Do Job Seekers “Dislike” Facebook?

Last week, #CareerGravity co-founders Brent Skinner and Jon DiPietro gave a joint presentation to an audience of job seekers at Manchester Community College’s Workforce Development Center. As we stood in front of the audience waiting to begin, I eavesdropped on several conversations. Some of them were typical of what I hear on a very regular basis. […]

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worried college graduate

The 15 Best Certificates for Today’s Job Market

College is a risky decision these days – especially considering the current job market. Consider these facts regarding college education in 2012: Since 1991, college tuition has increased at twice the rate of inflation. That’s an increase of almost 50%. Compare that to the median income of a college graduate, which has only increased 9.4% since 1991. The average […]

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R. William Holland

New Rules for Getting Hired

“1.8 million holders of bachelor’s degrees find themselves in grim job market.” So begins an interview this morning on CNBC with R. William Holland, author of Cracking the New Job Market:The 7 Rules for Geting Hired in Any Economy. Holland is asked why the job market is new and responds, “It’s new because there’s a worldwide […]

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