Career Development Downloads

#CareerGravity offers a number of career development downloads that will help you get the career you deserve, not the one you settled for.
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The #CareerGravity Blueprint

Everyone’s career deserves the best chance at success. At #CareerGravity, we believe that includes making the most of the opportunities that the Internet presents. This means:

  • Having your own personal website
  • Publishing a skills-based resume on that website
  • Utilizing a variety of rich media – photos, graphics, videos, presentations, etc. – to tell your professional story
  • Leveraging social media to expand your network

Career gravity is a strategy that uses free and low-cost tools to create a strong online presence. The result is a powerful gravitational pull that expands your professional network and attracts new opportunities.

The #CareerGravity Blueprint is a 30+ page ebook that will show you, step-by-step, how to do implement these strategies.

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Cheat Sheet: Social Media Outposts

Social Media Outposts imageThis cheat sheet will give you some guidance when setting up your social media outposts.

  • Seven planning questions you need to answer first.
  • Four tasks to complete on your pre-flight checklist.
  • The nine non-negotiable and highly recommended social media accounts you should own.
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Cheat Sheet: Your Google Score

Your Google Score is a number we’ve come up with that is one metric you can use to measure your #CareerGravity over time. It’s a scoring system based on the first ten Google results when you search your name. By itself, it isn’t terribly useful. However, watching your score over a period of months will allow you to see how effective your efforts are proving to be.

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