Career Development Resources

Welcome to the #CareerGravity resources page.

Career Development Downloads

You’ll find a number of helpful ebooks, worksheets and checklists on our Career Development Downloads page. On this page you’ll find:

  • The #CareerGravity Blueprint: A free, 30+ page ebook will give you a blueprint for building a loud, permanent, disruptive digital footprint. Learn the surprisingly simple Internet secrets that will empower you to get the career you deserve.
  • Cheat Sheet: Social Media: This cheat sheet will give you some guidance when setting up your social media outposts.

Career Development Questions and Answers

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Want to ask a question about personal branding or social media or website development? Want to mentor a newbie? Our Career Development Q&A page is the place to go.

WordPress Video Tutorials

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If you need some help with WordPress, check out our library of more than 40 WordPress video tutorials.