New Rules for Getting Hired

“1.8 million holders of bachelor’s degrees find themselves in grim job market.”

So begins an interview this morning on CNBC with R. William Holland, author of Cracking the New Job Market:The 7 Rules for Geting Hired in Any Economy. Holland is asked why the job market is new and responds, “It’s new because there’s a worldwide redistribution of the workforce that’s going on, and I might add, that has very little to do with the job numbers that are getting ready to come out. That job market is going to be a lousy competitive job market for the foreseeafuture, regardless of how well the American economy does and a couple of ticks up and down in the job market in the united states won’t make that much different.”

Grim words indeed. Holland suggests that instead of tweaking their resumes, people need to tweak their mindsets. In the interview, he mentions lots of aspects of the new job hunt we address here at #CareerGravity; laser-like focus, active (not passive) marketing and a clean, compelling online presence.

Watch the six minute interview here:

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