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Death by Presentation

Career Gravity by PowerPoint

For better or worse, PowerPoint has become the de facto business communication tool. Unfortunately, there are far too few who use it well. Take it from someone who has seen his fair share of bad PowerPoint over the years. But don’t cry for me. Instead, look on the bright side: So very many people using […]

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Creative Commons: Finding and Attributing Images Online

Your image is important. So are your images, and to generate #CareerGravity, your online image, you need images. Say It With Content and know that your written content is rarely enough. Your content needs images—high-quality images whose copyrights, ideally, come with no fee. Fortunately, for images that aren’t you, you don’t need to be a skilled […]

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Simone Fortunini - home

The Best Online Resume EVER

A couple of day ago, I posted 6 Examples of Creative Resumes and one of those was a candidate who “…crafted his resume to look like Google search results for the ‘perfect candidate.’” I thought today I’d share that resume with you and deconstruct some of the reasons why I think Simone Fortunini‘s is the best online […]

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Launching Your Online Personal Brand

OK, so you’ve taken all of the steps required to establish your online personal brand. You’ve created your online personal brand and created a WordPress resume. After all of this hard work, it’s time for the great unveiling. If you’ve used WordPress to build your website and followed the best practices for search engine optimization, you’ll […]

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How to Create a WordPress Resume

The home base for your Internet presence is your personal website. At #CareerGravity, we highly recommend using WordPress to build your site. While WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging software, you don’t necessarily need to use it that way. You can use it to create an online WordPress resume. Once you install WordPress, you’ll […]

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