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Recruiting has changed. That’s an understatement of the highest order. The fancy schmancy term for recruitment is talent acquisition, by the way. As it turns out, I’m working on a related article due to HRO Today, well, today. Recently, in preparations for writing that article, I had the pleasure of speaking with Peter Kazanjy, co-founder and CEO of TalentBin. At the end of this blog entry is an infographic, courtesy of TalentBin, chronicling the history of recruiting.

That history bears on your job search, by the way. You need to be looking for work and branding yourself online in ways that recruiters will notice. And guess what TalentBin does: It plays an integral role in helping recruiters to notice what you’re doing online. TalentBin scours the web to compile a composite profile of your activity there—everywhere—according to recruiters’ search criteria. That means it detects any activity of yours taking place inside and outside your blog and the big three social media outposts (i.e., Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). TalentBin’s aim is to help recruiters identify a passive candidate.

Recruiters like passive candidates. The thinking is that a person already employed must be awesome at his or her work; that’s why he or she is already employed and not actively looking for work elsewhere—hence, the use of the word “passive.” Furthermore, data suggest that the passive candidate is apt to spend more time outside the usual suspects of destinations online, or his or her activity in the usual spots will be different than the less-than-passive candidate’s.

Here’s where your #CareerGravity comes in. Emulate some behaviors of passive candidates. Appear as one to recruiters. Diversify your online footprint now and create a digital footprint that technologies such as TalentBin will find and that hiring organizations will find attractive.

If you’re curious how to get started with that digital footprint, go to the #CareerGravity Blueprint and other free downloads here. These are road maps you can start using right away.

history of recruiting

infographic courtesy of TalentBin


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