Weekly Roundup: 26-Aug [Career Development Newsletter]


“TotalPicture Radio” Host Peter Clayton Interviews #CareerGravity

Recently, human capital expert Peter Clayton interviewed #CareerGravity’s co-founders, Jon DiPietro and Brent Skinner, for “TotalPicture Radio.” You may recall us mentioning so in a previous Weekly Roundup. The podcast is now embedded at our website. To listen, click on the link above.

Self-Employment Is On the Rise

More people than ever before are going into business for themselves. These entrepreneurs and soloproneurs are near and dear to #CareerGravity’s co-founders’ hearts. Why? The self-employed need #CareerGravity the most — if they want to make a good living. As this week’s Chart of the Week shows, the money does not follow on its own.

Jobseekers: Keep Your Cool — and Your Options Open

Have you ever encountered so much rejection during the job search that you just lost it and sent a nasty, profanity-laden email to the hiring organization that didn’t hire you? No? That’s good. The woman highlighted in the article highlighted in the blog entry above indeed lost it, and via email she swore at the hiring organization that didn’t hire her. We wonder whether or not she had #CareerGravity — i.e., more than a mere traditional resume to work with. Our guess is, if she had, she might have kept her cool.

How to Optimize Your Profile Picture

Optimizing your avatar — i.e., your profile picture online — can increase by 35 percent the traffic visiting your digital footprint. So claims SEO expert Cyrus Shepherd, and he has an experiment to back that up. Read the entry at the link.

Make References Work for You

References are the people we’ve worked with who’ll say good things about us. What if we could get our references to work for us? Sure, there’s a double meaning there, but what’s interesting is the above-linked Wall Street Journal article, which shares important best-practices anyone can employ to maximize the effectiveness of their references’ goodwill.

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