The Legend of Employee Referrals Is Linked to Zao

Zao, employee referrals, social media referralsIf you’ve been following this blog, you know that just about all hiring organizations are using, or plan to use, social media to recruit job candidates. And hiring authorities are looking for referrals as a part of their social media–based recruiting efforts. You want your #CareerGravity to be right, to look good, when acquaintances of yours refer hiring organizations to you. Why? The first steps in the process are likely to occur online, in social media.

Enter Zao could be the name of a tried-and-true classic video game. Just as easily, Zao could be the name of a sci-fi fantasy film’s hero or villain. Let’s go with hero. CEO and founder of Zao, Ziv Eliraz is a hero anywhere jobseekers with strong #CareerGravity hope to be referred to an open position by someone they know. Zao’s technology automates the process of identifying referrals, integrating social networks deep into the process. In other words, technologies such as Zao’s are helping companies tap into the social networks of their employees in order to find and reach out to potential hires., online employee referrals, social mediaYou want to be in that loop. Organizations love existing employees’ new employee referrals and tend to hire referrals. Retention rates for these referred employees, once employed at the organizations to which they were referred by existing employees, is high. Companies like high retention; it’s good for business.

Build your #CareerGravity now, and be ready for the referral, when it comes. It may come via your social media connections.

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  1. Khalid Raza August 31, 2012 at 9:33 am #

    Great post. IBM has also come up with its social hiring portal called TalenVine. I blogged about it here :


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