At a Loss for Social Media Keywords?

social media keywords, SEOAre you at a loss for social media keywords to use on your profiles? If so, you’ll find that #CareerGravity extends a helping hand to you at the point of your wits’ end. We’ve blogged about job search keywords, for instance. We’re also posting this quick blog entry today to turn your attention to “The Top 5 Sources of Keywords for Your Social Media Profile,” a helpful post at Career Rocketeer, by Joshua Waldman, on clever ways to identify keywords that will attract the traffic you want to your social media outposts.

twitter SEODon’t forget: Your social media outposts will show up in search engine results. They should, at least, for the keywords you want to be associated with. A number of tactics help you to tweak your social media outposts for this objective.  For instance, a fundamental tenet of #CareerGravity is to own your name and its permutations online. So, if your Twitter handle is your name (and, in most cases, it should be), your own Twitter profile has a much better chance of appearing in the search engine results page (SERP) for your name.

LinkedIn SEOA similar consideration goes for LinkedIn. Because you’re apt to use your actual name there anyway, making sure to use it is a foregone conclusion. But you can still tweak your profile for SERP results. For instance, LinkedIn auto-generates a URL for your profile, and you should tweak that by customizing your public profile URL to display your name exactly as it appears elsewhere in your digital footprint. That’s because search engines pay attention domain names and sub-domain names.

If you’re looking for additional tips on setting up your social media outposts for #CareerGravity, be sure to download our free Social Media Cheat Sheet.

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