Weekly Roundup: 12-Aug [Career Development Newsletter]


TotalPicture Radio: Give Your Career Some Weight with Career Gravity

This past Tuesday, Co-founders Jon DiPietro and Brent Skinner were guests on Peter Clayton’s “TotalPicture Radio” to discuss the concept behind #CareerGravity. To read the preview and listen to the podcast, click on the link above.

This week’s chart of the week shows that employees acquire the bulk of skills today through their on-the-job experience. The numbers, recently reported by USA Today, reveal employers’ waning interest, over the past 30 years, in providing formal on-the-job training opportunities for their employees — and then complaining about the lack of skills needed.
Try to deliver a business presentation without PowerPoint without attendees wondering, maybe out loud, “Where’s the PowerPoint slide deck for this?” On one level, the knee-jerk reliance on PowerPoint is annoying. But the upside is that it can provide a competitive advantage to the diligent: Most of your peers have poor PowerPoint skills. Develop great PowerPoint skills, and watch your competition get smaller and smaller in your rear view mirror.
Many think “Avatar” is a good movie. How many think your avatar — i.e., your online profile picture — is good? Their first impression of it will likely be the impression they always have of it. Get your avatar right the first time. Post something presentable that accurately reflects you; post an authentic and professional image of yourself. To see an infographic showing you the many mistakes people make when deciding on avatars for themselves, click on the link.
Just over a month ago, the latest installment in our series of free (for now) webinars on how to get started with #CareerGravity aired. click on the link above to read a recap and learn why patience is a virtue well applied to the art of generating content to generate #CareerGravity. In the meantime, we’ve taken a short hiatus from the webinar series. Look for them to resume in September.

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