Build Your #CareerGravity While the Rest of the World Sleeps

working early, time managementMy schedule is tight, filled with competing commitments and responsibilities of similar importance. Perhaps you can relate. Managing it all is a challenge, and the temptation is ever-present to neglect my own digital footprint in favor of my clients’ online brands. I’ve learned that nothing can replace more time, to avoid that pitfall. When is there more time? In the morning, that’s when.

Before the Graveyard Shift Ends…

My fiance’s oldest son, Tate, just started a job working the graveyard shift for a security company’s call center. It’s a cool job, so cool that I can’t tell you anything more about it. What I will tell you is, until Tate gets his driver’s license and a vehicle of his own, I am giving him lifts home weekdays at 6am. Does that mean I’m rolling out of bed at 5:30am, shuffling over to my Jeep and arriving, just in time, at the office building where Tate works? No, picking Tate up at 6am means that I’m waking up at 4am and working on my own #CareerGravity till 5:30am, when I hop into my Jeep to drive, to arrive just in time, at the office building where Tate works.

Why? Why? WHY?

Those 90 minutes of solitude are irreplaceable; they’re gold to me. Nobody’s emailing me. Nobody’s calling me. My own businesses’ blogs don’t have to be live for several hours. My clients don’t need content from me for several hours, either. I don’t even have to be tweeting. All I need to do is prepare—e.g., schedule tweets, brainstorm and perfect blog topics, and write and finalize their drafts. I have time to develop and execute on a strategy around my own #CareerGravity.

Give yourself time to cultivate your online professional brand. If doing so means getting up early, then so be it. Build your #CareerGravity while the rest of the world sleeps.

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