Are You Making Any of These Job Search Mistakes?

oops keyNewsday recently published a list of 16 job search mistakes you’re probably making:

  1. You don’t keep your options open.
    Don’t put all your eggs in one job basket or approach them serially. Instead, keep multiple irons in the fire.
  2. You turn up your nose at job descriptions.
    Whether it’s because you believe you’re not qualified or think the it’s not your dream job, you never know until you try. Besides, employers frequently have multiple job openings and you may be a fit for a different one.
  3. You haven’t perfected the thank-you note.
    Be sure to send a thank you note but keep it short and sweet.
  4. You don’t check your references.
    Be sure to pre-screen your references and not to blindside them. Know what they’re going to day about you and maybe even give them some guidance about what type of feedback would be helpful.
  5. You’ve got poor business acumen.
    Employers are looking at a wider scope than your behavior at the office. Your social media footprint and how you generally treat others frequently comes into play.
  6. You have a messy briefcase.
     This could potentially send a message that you’re either disorganized or apathetic.
  7. You discount temporary positions.
    Temporary jobs can get some cash flowing in and also serve as an audition for a full time position.
  8. You have a bad attitude.
    Be positive on the phone, in your emails and in person. Nobody wants to hire a downer.
  9. You include too much work history.
    Don’t include more than the last 10 – 15 years.
  10. You use your work email address on your résumé.
    This makes employers think you may not respect their work resources and use them for personal uses.
  11. You take “no” as a final answer.
    If you don’t get this particular job, send a thank you note anyway because you never know when the next opening will happen.
  12. You lack tact.
    Be persistent without being a stalker. Use moderation and respect when following up.
  13. You don’t search for yourself on the Internet.
    Use our cheat sheet to check your Google score.
  14. You have a ‘death by bullets’ résumé.
     Provide context with your bullets. Better yet, complement your written résumé with a WordPress résumé.
  15. You’ve got a scattered strategy.
    Using a scattered strategy will get you scattered results. Have clear goals and a solid plan.
  16. You think it’s about you.
    The employer doesn’t care about you or your qualifications or hobbies – they only care about how you can contribute to their business.

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