What’s Your Google Score?

What’s a Google Score?

scoreboardYour Google Score is a number we’ve come up with that is one metric you can use to measure your #CareerGravity over time. It’s a scoring system based on the first ten Google results when you search your name. By itself, it isn’t terribly useful. However, watching your score over a period of months will allow you to see how effective your efforts are proving to be.

You Could Use a Cheat Sheet

We’ve put together another cheat sheet that will show you how to tabulate your own Google score. It provides instructions on the proper way to Google yourself and our scoring system. It also rates your #CareerGravity based on the calculated score. However, your particular score isn’t as important as how it’s changing over time.

So download the cheat sheet today and see how strong your gravitational pull is!

Download Your Google Score Cheat Sheet

Career Development Implications

According to social recruiting software vendor Jobvite, nearly three quarters of employers either always or sometimes search online profiles of prospective job candidates. What will they find when they search your name?

  • Nothing? ┬áIf your name is crowded out by others’, this does not reflect well on you. If they have to spend extra time trying to find you, it’s simply going to be easier for them to move on to the next candidate they can find.
  • Bad stuff? The only thing worse than not being found by an employer is them finding bad stuff about you (whether or not it’s true or accurate). What can you do about negative search results? Well, you can’t get them erased. The only thing you can do is crowd them out with good stuff about you. You need to create enough highly ranked results that you can push the negative ones off of the first page.

The Internet hates a vacuum. If you don’t take control over the search results for your personal brand, someone (or something) else will.

Feel free to share your Google score with us in the comments section below!

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  1. JonDiPietro March 24, 2012 at 6:02 pm #

    My score is 41. Only result that isn’t me is a doctor who’s name appears on a review site. Google loves review sites and that one is going to be difficult to move very far.

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