The Labor Market Still Has a Long Way to Go [Chart of the Week]

Each Saturday, #we publish our Chart of the Week. It presents interesting trends and data, usually related to the U.S. labor market.



Business Insider published an article this week titled The US Labor Market Is a Long Way From Being Back to Normal. They presented a series of sobering charts showing that the employment situation in the US may have stabilized and slightly improved, but still has a very long way to go to return to levels most of us would consider “normal.”

U.S. labor markets have recovered 4 million of the nearly 9 million net job losses from the early 2008 peak. …  Yet looking at the overall labor market, millions of unemployed individuals appear to fall in between these extremes. By our estimate, nearly 3 ½ million more workers were employed in 2008 than in 2012 in U.S. industries far removed from the housing bubble.

For the rest of the article and more charts illustrating the labor market challenges, read the article on Business Insider.

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