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gravity, career, solar systemThe idea of #CareerGravity may intrigue you. The name itself is curious, isn’t it? That pound (“#”) sign precedes a merged word containing not only “career,” but also “gravity.” What does that mean? What is #CareerGravity? The bird’s eye view is this: #CareerGravity expresses a way to use free and low-cost tools to create a strong online presence, one that creates a “gravitational pull” to expand your professional network and attract new opportunities.

There’s some solid thinkers’ thinking behind that approach, and we want to introduce you to it: Join us on Thursday, April 12, at 8pm ET / 5pm PT (or check out this trusty time zone cheat sheet), when yours truly and my #CareerGravity co-founder, Jon DiPietro, will introduce you to the basic concept of #CareerGravity and how, by generating it, you can stop spinning your wheels, never quite getting that better job, more money, a promotion, or new and better challenges—and instead create a disruptive, loud online footprint whose effect is to attract all these things to you through what can be likened to gravitational pull.

You can register here. In the meantime, for a primer, read on….

Are You Grounded in #CareerGravity?

gravity, no gravity, technologyGravity keeps us grounded. It keeps our feet planted firmly on the ground, lest we float off into space, directionless. Gravity is also familiar and comfortable. As long as there’s not too much of it, gravity helps us to feel safe and connected. It’s but one of the many reasons we are in awe of astronauts, who rely not on gravity (or naturally available air, for that matter), but on technology for their safety.

#CareerGravity, the concept, is at once similar to and different from physical gravity and the traditional ideas we’ve long shared about what a career is like, and of what it means to be a professional.

A New Way

In his book titled “Linchpin,” über–thought leader Seth Godin speaks of linchpins and cogs. The traditional world of work, the one we’ve known for nigh on a couple hundred years now, has favored a way of work life attractive to those who like order and guidelines, people who Godin calls “cogs.” That way of work has been a highly prescribed, compartmentalized, linear and staid approach to career and professional life. Narrowly defined paths to livelihood usually comprised the following steps:

  1. Learn a trade or profession
  2. Vie for employment somewhere, preferably at a large organization
  3. Climb the corporate ladder or find a horizontal niche within that organization
  4. Stay at the same employer for years, maybe decades—perhaps even retire there

future of work, #CareerGravityEmployers were the center of the universe, and the trick was to be a cog and refrain from deviating from that path to livelihood. But now, it’s not employers, but careers and the jobs that need people in those careers that together constitute the center of the universe. In fact, following the old path is a recipe no longer for success, but for disaster. To succeed today, the answer is to become a “linchpin,” as Godin calls it, in charge of your own destiny and commanding the attention of employers—many of them. The statistic will blow your mind: On average, people working today will have had seven to ten jobs by the time they retire (if they ever do). Wow.

And that’s the part about #CareerGravity that’s a little different than physical gravity: At first, you may not feel comfortable grounded in #CareerGravity. It’s a new way of looking at your career, and this kind of gravity has technology as its underpinnings. That’s right: Unlike physical gravity, which is just there, #CareerGravity is there because of technology. For a while, it might feel unfamiliar and unnatural to you; before long, however, you’ll wonder how you functioned without #CareerGravity.

You: The Center of Your Career Universe

strong gravity, career gravityBut here’s where #CareerGravity is just like gravity, and then some. Think of yourself online as the center of a solar system. Or maybe you’re a planet with several moons. Think of Jupiter or Saturn. Those planets have lots of moons, and each orbits the largest, central celestial body because of strong gravitational pull.

Your presence online ought to be large and central, too. If it is, it’ll generate strong gravitational pull, and others online will be drawn to it. Furthermore, if your online footprint is creative, reflecting your professional self appropriately and loudly, others who also have a strong online presence will notice yours as you’re drawn to theirs.

Join Us on Thursday, April 12th!

That’s the concept behind #CareerGravity, and we’ll expand on it a bit during next Thursday’s webinar. Again, that would be April 12th at 8pm ET / 5pm PT—a quick, at once painless and illuminating half hour of your time. You’ll finish out your day looking ahead, to the rest of your career. We look forward to seeing you there.

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