8 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job

Dave FecakDave Fecak has been involved in technical recruiting since 1998. He has been writing monthly articles about job search strategy, interviews, résumés, salary negotiation, etc for several years. He has also scheduled thousands of software engineering interviews with hundreds of hiring managers at a wide array of companies and organizations.

Fecak says, “I have learned that although no two managers look for the exact same set of technical skills or behaviors, there are recognizable patterns in the feedback I receive when a candidate is not presented with a job offer.” In a recent blog post on his “job tips for geeks” blog, he offers eight of the most common reasons why his candidates didn’t get a job:

  1. Skill set is wide but not deep
  2. Superiority complex or sense of entitlement
  3. Lack of passion
  4. Talked more about the accomplishments of co-workers
  5. Unaware of anything that happens beyond his/her desk
  6. More focused on the tools/technology than on the profession
  7. Exaggerating experience
  8. Nontransferable experience

For more details read his full post, Why You Didn’t Get the Job

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