WordPress Web Hosting How-To: Webinar Encore

encore, career developmentSome rock bands enjoy such adulation from their fans that audiences at live concerts demand encore after encore, to the point that an announcer must declare, over the PA system, that “Elvis has left the building.” Heavy metal bands provide much fodder for caricatures of these scenarios, and that’s an explanation for the playfulness and relevance behind our selection of the image to your right.

While we make no claim to inspire an audience as ravenously devoted as some of the world’s most popular rock acts’, some of the information in the #CareerGravity webinar series is heavy enough to merit a second showing. So, please, read on….

Twinkies and Your Web Hostess

web hostessLet’s put this another way: Let’s say you like Twinkies, a product by Hostess. You know it’s next to impossible to eat just one—and that Hostess tends to package Twinkies in pairs. It’s another way of looking at this coming Thursday’s encore presentation of “The Web Host with the Most,” a how-to webinar, first aired May 10, about WordPress web hosting. Plus, a hostess is a host, and you need a host of some sort to get your WordPress blog to display online.

OK, the Twinkies connection is tenuous, but don’t they look tasty there, on your screen? We contend that Hostess would be nothing without Twinkies….and we know that your WordPress blog would be nothing without a web host.

WordPress hosting how-toPlease join us for an encore presentation of “The Web Host with the Most,” a webinar all about showing you how to sync your WordPress blog with a well-suited web hosting service. The recap of the first performance is here. We look forward to seeing you there, at 7pm ET / 4pm PT on Thursday, June 7. To register, click on the button below:

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By the way, this blog entry contains a clue regarding another classic rock act known for its fans demanding encore after encore. Can you find it? Attend the webinar on Thursday and, in the chat box there, share your stab at the answer….

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