Weekly Roundup: 5-Aug [Career Development Newsletter]

mailboxChart of the Week: Employment Impact of Recent U.S. Olympic Games

For this week’s chart, #CareerGravity Co-founder Jon DiPietro explored data on employment spikes associated with the most recent Olympic games to occur in the United States: the 1992 games, which took place in Atlanta, and the 2002 games, which were in Salt Lake City. Both times, the economy saw a different kind of boost in jobs.

Whither the Traditional Resume…

The traditional resume is yielding its sway over the job-seeking process. Technology-driven hiring ecosystems forming right now rest on the premise that top job candidates today have dynamic online footprints. These jobseekers have #CareerGravity, and these technological platforms, such as those from Jackalope Jobs and GetHired.com, are the subject of an upcoming article that #CareerGravity Co-founder Brent Skinner is writing for HRO Today. In the meantime, the link takes you to his take on the attendant fate of the resume.

Web Startup Supports Your Stealth Job Search

Low salary, annoying boss, no chance for promotion — it sounds like dystopia, or even the movie “Office Space,” but it’s more: It’s reality, according to the start-up company poachee (yes, no capital “p”). According to poachee, its yet-to-be-launched technology will enable anyone unhappily employed to seek employment elsewhere, discreetly. Annoying bosses, take note: those low-paid employees you aren’t promoting will be looking for better bosses, better pay and promotions, and you won’t even know.

Surprising Day Jobs of 12 Olympians

Being an Olympian is cool and all, but how do these athletes pay to put all that whey powder in their soy milk during those four years off? The chance of winning gold, silver or bronze every four years, and the money that comes with that, can’t be enough. They must need day jobs, right? Yes, they do, and those jobs can be surprising. Follow the link.

Entrepreneurs Need Gravity, Too…

An entrepreneur has a career, too. He or she needs just as much, if not more, gravity for it. And an entrepreneur’s #CareerGravity affects the company’s brand and everyone on the core team. To read more about this interdependence, follow the link.

Dear Start-ups: Your Employees, Your Employer Brand

Doing #CareerGravity right is essential for the start-up company, whose image tends to merge with those of the founders and the members of their core teams. This is especially true online and will permeate the employer brand and consumer brand of the budding organization; the two are intertwined by nature at the point of start-up.

Creative Commons: Finding and Attributing Images Online

Your image is important. So are your images, and to generate #CareerGravity, your online image, you need plenty of images — high-quality images whose copyrights, ideally, come with no fee. Fortunately, for images that aren’t of you, you don’t need to be a skilled graphic artist. All you need to do is visit Creative Commons.

Online Personal Branding with Google Authorship

Maybe you’re using Google+, the monster search engine’s answer to Facebook, and maybe you’re looking for a way to seamlessly and effortlessly link your online content with Google+. Well, there’s a way to do that and inform search engines of the existence of your content, to boot. Do you want the steps? Follow the link.

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