Weekly Roundup: 29-July [Career Development Newsletter]

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Most Common Resume Mistakes (Chart of the Week)

Typos top the list. Doh! Your resume should have no mistakes whatsoever, let alone typos. It’s a competitive job market, more so than in the past. Don’t let a mistake on your resume rob you of an opportunity that you deserve. To learn what the other mistakes are, click on the link. Some will surprise you.

Are You Making Any of These Job Search Mistakes?

Newsday has identified 16 of them. But you don’t have to go there. Just visit our blog. We’ve listed them, too, along with our elaborations.

The Best Online Resume EVER

Simone Fortunini‘s is the best online resume ever, says #CareerGravity Co-founder Jon DiPietro, because it’s relevant, demonstrative, fascinating and optimized for search. Plus, it leaves room for improvement (another plus). Click on the link to read his elaboration on the awesomeness of Fortunini’s resume.

Creative Commons: Finding and Attributing Images Online

Your image is important. So are your images, and to generate #CareerGravity, your online image, you need images. Read this blog entry of ours to learn where to go for online images (and why).

12 Memorable Resume Mistakes

In an annual survey of thousands of hiring managers, CareerBuilder asked them to share memorable and unusual resume faux pas. To read examples of their responses, click on the link.

6 Examples of Creative Resumes

Have you ever sent your resume in the form of a Rubik’s cube or to look like a Google search engine results page? In today’s job market, your competition is fierce. …and creative. Actually, the two go hand in hand. Click on the link to learn what your competition is doing to stand out from you.

The 15 Best Certificates for Today’s Job Market

Certificate programs may present an advantage over college degrees today, especially given the contrast in cost of the two. So, what are the best certificate programs to pursue? Click on the link.

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