Weekly Roundup: 22-July [Career Development Newsletter]

mailboxEach Sunday, #CareerGravity sends our heaviest articles of the week to our newsletter subscribers. Here’s our newsletter for the week of 22-July:

Radio Interview on Friends of Kevin
Early last week, #CareerGravity Co-founders Jon DiPietro and Brent Skinner appeared on “Friends of Kevin Radio,” which airs on WSMN 1590 AM in Nashua, NH. Kevin Willett, host of the show, is founder of the Friends of Kevin networking group for professionals in Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. For audio, click on the link.

Chart of the Week: Private Pension Underfunding
Are you expecting to cash in on a private pension someday — you know, for retirement? It may not even be there 10 years from now, and today we feel the need to manage your expectations. Private companies’ underfunding of their employees’ pensions is at a record low, according to a recent S&P study. A better plan is to promote your skills and professional aspirations online — so you can cash in on your #CareerGravity when traditional retirement arrives.

How to Transition to a New Job Successfully
Did you get that new job you wanted? Congratulations! But don’t rest on your laurels just yet. Actually, don’t ever, but the first month in your new role is especially important. In the above-linked entry, guest blogger Jennifer King, HR analyst at Software Advice, shares six things new hires can do in their first 30 days to help ensure long-term success.

Seal the Job Search Deal With a “Hire Me” Page
An effective “hire me” page is relevant, communicates value, and displays a call to action. And most individuals’ and companies’ websites are ineffective. Help us to help you avoid repeating their mistakes. Click on the link.

How to Find a Job While You Sleep
Perhaps you’ve heard the name for it: mailbox money. The official term is residual income. That would be income that keeps coming in even when you’re sleeping. It just…shows up. For your #CareerGravity, we played with words and came up with a similar concept: residual attention. Who’s finding you online and paying attention even as you sleep? The straightforward formula is to create content and build links. To learn more, read the blog entry linked to above.

I Won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar. Here’s Why
If the job calls for writing skills, the reasons not to hire someone evidently poorly versed in grammar are many and obvious. But even for companies whose positions are writing-intensive, a lack of proficiency in grammar is relevant, argues the writer of this article. It’s just “not a learning curve I’m comfortable with,” he says. Read why. Follow the link.

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