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your domainThat’s what prehistoric man did. Anthropologists and geologists alike hypothesize that way back, back before written history, mankind was laying claim to property in whatever way he and she knew how. Brute force ruled the day, during those first days. The physically stronger clans got first dibs to everything they got to. As humans grew smarter, smarts came into play, and tribes with the superior weaponry prevailed over their inferiorly armed counterparts, again laying claim to the land and resources yielded in battle.

If you’ve ever watched “2001: A Space Odyssey,” the classic Stanley Kubrick film, you will recall the opening scene, which depicts prehistoric man’s evolutionary ancestors, the ape, going through these motions. Along the way, we humans acquired a modicum of civility, and that modicum evolved to become more than a modicum. We continued to acquire and lay claim to property, but a system of ever more sophisticated and enlightened laws arose, over millennia, to govern the ways in which we went about claiming that property and retaining rights to it. And, today, computers and the Internet have become a part of the mix. Loosely interpreted, Kubrick’s movie depicts a bit of that, too. We always have, and probably always will, codify in systems, protocol and symbolism the ownership of property, some piece of this world that each of us may call our own, for security.

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establishing your flag onlineInvoking some of that symbolism was the title of #CareerGravity’s webinar this past week, “Do You Have a Flag?” Well, do you? Do you own the domain name of your name on the Internet, the equivalent to a piece of land online that you may call your very own? My colleague, #CareerGravity’s Co-founder Jon DiPietro, walked attendees of our webinar through the step-by-step process to lay claim to YOURNAME.com or .net. The days of prehistoric man were a long time ago, but the need to establish a domain remains. And acquiring your name as an Internet address is the primary ingredient to building your personal brand and generating #CareerGravity.

domain name, personal brandingJon’s presentation drew heavily on the free #CareerGravity Blueprint. A recording of the webinar remains available. We look forward to seeing you at the next webinar, scheduled for Thursday, May 10. Look for a preview soon, right here on this blog.

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