“TotalPicture Radio” Host Peter Clayton Interviews #CareerGravity

TotalPicture Radio, Peter Clayton, #CareerGravity, Brent Skinner, Jon DiPietroRecently, #CareerGravity Co-founders Jon DiPietro and Brent Skinner were guests on “TotalPicture Radio,”  an online show hosted by Peter Clayton. Jon and Brent provided Peter and his listeners with an overview of how #CareerGravity works. During their conversation with Peter, the co-founders spoke of #CareerGravity’s benefits to jobseekers and happily or unhappily employed professionals alike, who want to make small or large shifts in their careers. Additionally, Brent and Jon shared how #CareerGravity helps the entrepreneur who wishes to elevate and expand her image online and discussed the ramifications that organizations face when #CareerGravity alters the way they recruit a new hire and challenges their ability to retain top talent. Here’s a link to a page all about the interview, at “TotalPicture Radio.” Following is the podcast:


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