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Webinar Recap: Web Hosting with Real Intelligence [Updated]

As he presented this past Thursday’s webinar, Jon DiPietro, my co-founder at #CareerGravity, cautioned attendees to choose Web hosting wisely for their online footprints’ hubs, their WordPress blogs. Yes, several factors demand consideration, but perhaps the most important for novices is customer support: How well does the Web hosting company tend to its customers’ needs? […]

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The Google Resume

Marketing guru David Meerman Scott recently offered some Tough love for marketing and PR job seekers. He asked, “What happens if I Google the name on your resume and the most recent company you worked for?” He answers his own question by offering, “Sadly, for many job seekers, what pops up on Google are a few […]

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What is “#CareerGravity?”

Career gravity is a strategy that uses free and low-cost tools to create a strong online presence, which creates a “gravitational pull” that expands your professional network and attracts new opportunities. Cogs and Linchpins In his book “Linchpin,” Seth Godin describes what he views as a completely new workplace paradigm. When we transitioned from an agrarian […]

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