Surprising Day Jobs of 12 Olympians

Gwen JorgensenThe SavvySugar blog posted a slideshow of the Surprising Day Jobs of 12 Olympians. We’ve summarized them here:

Chas Betts
Country: USA
Sport: Wrestling
Age: 25
Job status: Betts is a motions designer, which is a specialized field in graphics that deals with animations. Check out his work on his design website.

Chi Yip Cheung
Country: Hong Kong, China
Sport: Judo
Age: 25
Job status: Cheung is a full-time fireman but hopes to coach judo in the future.

Lance Brooks
Country: USA
Sport: Discus throwing
Age: 28
Job status: At one point, Brooks was juggling seven jobs, including bartending and a high school coaching gig. One of his most recent jobs was in construction.

Urige Buta
Country: Norway
Sport: Marathon running
Age 33
Job status: He works full-time as a janitor.

Debbie Capozzi
Country: USA
Sport: Sailing
Age: 31
Job status: She works for her family’s Italian ice shop in Long Island.

Jamel Herring
Country: USA
Sport: Boxing
Age: 26
Job status: Herring spends most of his time as a US Marines Corp sergeant at the Camp Lejeune base in North Carolina.

Karen Hultzer
Country: South Africa
Sport: Archery
Age: 46
Job status: Hultzer is a landscaper by profession.

Race Imboden
Country: USA
Sport: Fencing
Age: 19
Job status: Imboden just finished an internship at a record label but deejays in his spare time.

Gwen Jorgensen
Country: USA
Sport: Triathlon
Age: 26
Job status: Jorgensen works as an accountant with Ernst & Young in Milwaukee.

Samyr Laine
Country: USA
Sport: Jumping
Age: 28
Job status: Laine actually has a law degree from Georgetown University and passed the New York Bar Examination, so he’s allowed to practice as a lawyer. However, he put his law career on hiatus because of training for the Olympics.

Emil Milev
Country: USA
Sport: Fencing
Age: 44
Job status: By day, Milev is a physical education teacher at the Booker T. Washington Elementary School in Tampa, FL.

Natasha Perdue
Country: Great Britain
Sport: Weightlifting
Age: 36
Job status: Perdue is a garbage collector by day, when she’s not training for the Olympics.


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