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making connections onlineYou might be wondering how it’s possible to get your foot in the door by way of LinkedIn, a social media network. But that’s a figure of speech, of course, and the article linked to right there contains much good advice about how to use LinkedIn to get your figurative foot in the door. What does that get you? Both of your feet in the door literally, that’s where.

The gist of the advice shared is that you can use LinkedIn’s powerful internal search function to figure out which of your first-tier (i.e., direct) connections have connections of their own (possibly your second-tier connections—i.e., your connections’ connections, but not yours directly) at companies where you would like to gain a toehold, for networking. Once you’ve narrowed down the results to your liking, approach your tier-one connections and request an introduction to the second-tier connections.

LinkedIn Introductions

Your first-tier connection can initiate that process by way of LinkedIn Introductions. Even basic, no-cost members of LinkedIn are allotted a certain number of official introduction requests. Alternately, your first-tier connection may just share your information with the targeted contact. In the case of the latter possibility, the LinkedIn ecosystem becomes less of a factor till and if the targeted, second-tier connection agrees to request a connection from you.

Whether you’re a jobseeker looking to develop your career into something bigger than it is right now, or a full-fledged solopreneur drumming up business for yourself, you can use #CareerGravity to achieve your aims. And even though the advice in that article, titled “Use LinkedIn to Get Your Foot in the Door,” is geared toward the self-employed, it’s applicable for anyone seeking ways to generate a louder, more disruptive and heavier online footprint.

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