Private Pension Underfunding at Record Levels [Chart of the Week]

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2012-07-21 - Underfunded Pensions

Pension funding chart courtesy of ZeroHedge blog.

This week’s chart shows private pension funding compared to the S&P 500 and comes courtesy of the ZeroHedge blog:

…according to a¬†recent S&P study,¬†private companies are at record levels of pension under-funding. Fiscal 2011 shows that the under-funded level for S&P 500 companies’ defined pensions reached an epic $354.7 billion – an increase of over $100 billion from 2010 and surpassing the 2008 record of $308.4 billion – and OPEB under-funding reached $223.4 billion.

Relying on your private employer pension to be around 10 or more years from now is becoming a riskier proposition. While this isn’t a financial advice blog, we do provide resources for people who want to take more control over their careers. If you’re considering venturing out on your own as a freelancer or entrepreneur, a strong personal brand and huge digital footprint will be great assets.

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