Are You Content With Your Online Content? Say It With It: Webinar Preview

#CareerGravity, online contentYou might be wondering what to say, now that we’ve shown you to your web host and how to configure your WordPress blog for business. Well, you can write it, you can audio record it, you can video record it, you can tweet it, and you can even pin it. Whatever you say, online you’ll Say It With Content, the title of the next webinar in our series. On Monday, July 9 Thursday, June 21, June 28, at 7pm ET / 4pm PT, we’ll introduce attendees to the array of ways they can express themselves online. Content is the backbone of #CareerGravity, and we’re guessing that those new to #CareerGravity might like us to walk them through a primer on the many forms of online content at their disposal.

No Rest for the #CareerGravity Newbie

Every day we at #CareerGravity face the dilemma of figuring out what to write about, the attendant pressure of making the time to do so and the closely related challenge of keeping to a schedule—to ensure that we’re posting new content of some kind, any kind, to our digital footprint on a regular basis. And, in this way, you’re not much different. There is little rest for the #CareerGravity newbie. Why? If you’ve just barely launched a web presence to generate #CareerGravity, you probably don’t have much content, if any, on your blog or elsewhere online. But here’s the thing: Even if you’ve been at your #CareerGravity for a while, assiduously building it with brick after brick of content, you’ve already—or soon will—run into a bind, grasping away at thin air for an idea, any idea, for content.

We’re Not Content Till You Have a Content Strategy

#CareerGravity, online contentOur next webinar is more about the ways that you can say what you want to say, with content, than about strategy itself. But there needs to be a discussion of content strategy in there, too, and we’ll touch on that, as well. Much figures into your content and the strategy behind what it is. An opportunity exists for you to underscore and categorize your knowledge and background in ways that the traditional format for the curriculum vitae just can’t accommodate:

  • Just how do you plan to express your professional experience and expertise within the format of a multipage blog?
  • What should you write about, and on what page?
  • Should you even write it vs. post a video or slide deck? Or is doing both advisable?
  • What happens then? What should you tweet about and how often? What should you post to Facebook and when?

Register for Our Webinar—Monday 7/9 Thursday 6/21 Thursday 6/28 @ 7pm ET / 4pm PT

Once again, register for our next webinar and join us on Monday, July 9 Thursday, June 21, June 28, at 7pm ET / 4pm PT to learn how to say what you want to say, in the online environment. All it takes is content, the fundamental ingredient of #CareerGravity.

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