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man searchingThese days, there are countless people making the plea, “Help me find a job!” There is no shortage of websites where you can search for jobs. Most LinkedIn groups have a constant stream of job listings. Still, with so many unemployed and underemployed professionals seeking jobs there simply aren’t enough. It’s hard to find the right opportunity.

But what if instead of you trying to find a job, you could get a job to find you?

Find a Job While You Sleep

man finding a job while sleepingYou may have heard the term “make money while you sleep.” If you’re being paid an hourly wage, it means that there is a fixed cap on how much money you can earn. There are only so many hours in a day, days in a week and weeks in a year. The secret to building real earning power is making money while you sleep. It’s something solo-preneurs know well and strive to create.

Your job search is similar. There is only so much time you can spend pounding the pavement, searching job boards and pitching on LinkedIn. If your job search could keep running when you’re doing something else, wouldn’t that be great?

Help a Job Find You

We’re not saying to stop looking for a job here at #CareerGravity. We’re saying that you can build a machine that will be working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at attracting new opportunities to you. How?

  • Build a personal website and tell your professional story
  • Make sure it’s optimized so that search engines will find it
  • Actively promote it using social media
  • Create a strong call to action (e.g. “hire me”) with a compelling landing page
  • Measure everything and constantly adjust the process

Does this cost a lot of money? No. In fact, you can do it using nothing but free tools. But if you want to go all-in, then it will cost you about $60 per year.

Do you need to know a lot about computers? No. If you can use a word processor, you can create your own website.

Does it work? Absolutely. We’ve chronicled a number of success stories right here on #CareerGravity.

How to Get Started

We’ve created a free, 32-page ebook to show you how to find a job while you sleep. It’s called the #CareerGravity Blueprint. Grab a copy today and get started!

Download the Blueprint

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