Creative Commons: Finding and Attributing Images Online

online images, posting images to WordPress, blog image instructionsYour image is important. So are your images, and to generate #CareerGravity, your online image, you need images. Say It With Content and know that your written content is rarely enough. Your content needs images—high-quality images whose copyrights, ideally, come with no fee. Fortunately, for images that aren’t you, you don’t need to be a skilled graphic artist: Online, there’s a place you can go that’s rife with images available for public use.

Marilyn Manson, Uncommon Creative

This post is an FYI on finding and properly attributing the images you use on your WordPress blog. Marilyn Manson, the backdrop, is here to prove that you can find just about any image online potentially pertinent to your blog. Furthermore, one portal will grant you access to a large, large selection. Unless you’re at an advanced stage in building and perfecting your #CareerGravity, all you really need is Creative Commons, a destination online “devoted to expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share, ” according to Wikipedia. Creative Commons is indeed replete with images for your taking.

For instance, Manson’s likeness, shown on this page, is available through Creative Commons. Once you scroll to the end of this blog entry, you’ll see the image credit, which includes one of the many free copyright licenses that populate Creative Commons. Here’s a partial screenshot of such a license:

It’s a copyright deed. Squint your eyes, and you’ll see that attribution of the copyright is straightforward, exceedingly easy. In a way that works for you, link back to the deed’s URL. That’s it. You may do so by making the image itself, posted to your blog, a link. Or, you may do as I have, and link back to the deed from the creator’s online name, cited alongside the image’s name, at the bottom of a blog entry. Note that I also linked back to the image’s source page. That’s proper protocol, too.

We at #CareerGravity are in the process of compiling a large library of how-to videos that walk viewers through the maze of creating loud, disruptive online footprints. Finding and attributing images online will be one of them. Stay tuned, later this year, for an announcement.

image credit: Marilyn Manson, by Dylan Baugh
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