Dreaming of green jobs? Dreaming of more greenbacks?

Best read on a lazy weekend morning, this blog entry is a pep talk for your career development. We’ve even provided a YouTube clip of appropriate background music. But don’t click on play just yet. Go grab a cup of coffee or tea first. If you want, snag a blueberry muffin, too. When you get back to your computer screen, this blog entry and the YouTube clip will still be here, waiting for you.

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Are you back yet? OK, good. Click on play, savor that blueberry muffin, sip that beverage, and read on….

Several criteria can define a dream job, and those will vary from person to person. Lofty dreams dominate our visions of how we’ll make our small place in the world—and the world itself—a better place. We tend to enter those dreams through the lens of our career, and those aspirations tend to inform our day-to-day career-related decision-making.

For instance, facing the notion of two otherwise similar job offers, 72 percent of job seekers would choose to work for the more eco-conscious employer, according to a survey by job-matching service TheLadders. That’s a characteristic that hews to the dream of many: that they’ll be able to contribute to and be good stewards of what is right, through their work.

We at #CareerGravity share the dream to be good stewards of what is right, through our work, and when what is right is green, that’s a green dream. We like that. In fact, we have several green dreams. Here’s another:

We dream that we’ll be able to get you more greenbacks, no matter where, how or in what capacity you end up doing your thing—the thing for which your qualifications sing and around which #CareerGravity helps you to generate some online gravity. We’re here to help you get more of everything you want in your career, whatever it is that you want, and more green in your career is something that at least 72 percent of dream job dreamers like you would probably choose.

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