Configure a WordPress Resume, the Best Resume for Your #CareerGravity: Next Webinar

WordPress resume, new kind of resumeThis blog entry is a preview of the fourth installment in our webinar series designed to help you build your online career development plan. This blog entry is also a couple days late—the past few days got away from us. But here it is, and here you are. Let’s go. …

You might not have figured it to be so, but a WordPress resume is the best resume you can create to grow your digital footprint. The #CareerGravity Blueprint explains why, and our upcoming webinar, on Thursday, May 24, at 8pm EST / 5pm PST, will present you with a full-court press on how to configure your resume in WordPress.

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Without a WordPress Resume, No Online Career Development Plan Is Much of a Plan at All

What do we mean by a WordPress resume? It’s a new kind of resume. Here’s what we mean:

conventional resume, new kind of resumeTake your conventional, traditional resume. If you don’t have a conventional, traditional resume, get thee to a word processor, stat. Yes, you still need one. Open it on your computer screen and take a look. Do you see how it could be divided into sections and areas of expertise, experience and education? Maybe yours already is. If so, that’s great.

The trick, with a WordPress resume, is that you can post your professional background in an online format whose functionality enables you to slice, dice and otherwise categorize everything about your professional self in the best possible light and in the most accessible manner.

Think of it this this way: Someone who’s interested only in that engineering stint you enjoyed at a secret space propulsion laboratory a quarter mile underground at an unspecified location in the Rocky Mountains doesn’t even have to know that you held a basket weaving position on campus the summer immediately following your graduation from college. Why? Descriptions of those two positions would reside on different pages of your WordPress resume.

To clarify, the WordPress resume is a multi-page expression of your professional life, arranged in a way intended to target your audiences laser sharply. And you can measure the results. Much more than a static resume online that looks like a mere page on a computer screen, your WordPress blog is a dynamic platform for you to present your professional credentials. Think keywords, keyword phrases, SEO and Google Analytics.

WordPress resume, WordPress configurationJoin Us for Our Next Webinar:
8pm EST on Thursday, May 31

We may leave a bit of all that for a later webinar, but please join us at 8pm EST on Thursday, May 31, for a step-by-step walk-through of how to install and configure your very own WordPress resume. Watch this blog post, our tweets and Facebook page for information on how to register. In the meantime, mark your calendars. We look forward to seeing you there.

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