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success kid - creates awesome hire me page

Seal the Job Search Deal With a “Hire Me” Page

Having an effective website – whether you’re a business, organization or individual – depends on your definition of “effective.” Unfortunately, most website owners skip this fundamental step of defining success. If you don’t know what success looks like, how can you build something to help you get there? If you’re currently in the process of […]

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social media job recruiting statistics

Social Recruiting Continues to Grow [Infographic]

Here at #CareerGravity, we cite quite a few statistics from Jobvite and it’s time to update our stats again. They’re out with their latest social recruiting survey and the use of social media to find job candidates continues to grow. The survey was conducted online between May and June 2012; over 800 human resource and recruiting […]

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R. William Holland

New Rules for Getting Hired

“1.8 million holders of bachelor’s degrees find themselves in grim job market.” So begins an interview this morning on CNBC with R. William Holland, author of Cracking the New Job Market:The 7 Rules for Geting Hired in Any Economy. Holland is asked why the job market is new and responds, “It’s new because there’s a worldwide […]

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8 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job

Dave Fecak has been involved in technical recruiting since 1998. He has been writing monthly articles about job search strategy, interviews, résumés, salary negotiation, etc for several years. He has also scheduled thousands of software engineering interviews with hundreds of hiring managers at a wide array of companies and organizations. Fecak says, “I have learned […]

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Job referral application Zao

Job Referrals Go Social With Zao

Companies looking to hire new employees know that job referrals lead to the cheapest, fastest and best quality hires. Zao, a new service making its official launch today, claims to “supercharges referrals by automating the process, integrating social networks, and managing rewards.” Six Degrees of Separation According to Wikipedia, “Six degrees of separation refers to […]

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Lemonade: Pure Job Search Inspiration

One of the ideas of #CareerGravity is that you should always be on a job search, whether you think you need to or not. Eric Proulx is a 15-year veteran of the advertising industry. In 2008, two days after being offered a raise and a promotion, his agency laid him off without ceremony. It turns out […]

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Why Keywords Are Important to Your Job Search

What do your job search and search engine optimization have in common? One word; keywords. As the world gets more and more automated, the less effective a “one size fits all” approach to anything will be. You don’t want merely to adapt to this automation. You want to learn how to take advantage of it. […]

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man searching

Help Me Find a Job

These days, there are countless people making the plea, “Help me find a job!” There is no shortage of websites where you can search for jobs. Most LinkedIn groups have a constant stream of job listings. Still, with so many unemployed and underemployed professionals seeking jobs there simply aren’t enough. It’s hard to find the […]

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