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What’s In the Blueprint?

This free, 30+ page career development plan ebook will give you a blueprint for building a loud, permanent, disruptive digital footprint. Learn the surprisingly simple Internet secrets that will empower you to get the career you deserve.

  • Grab hold of your Google search results: Improve the good and bury the bad.
  • Showcase your experience and separate yourself from the competition.
  • Expand your professional network and attract new opportunities.

The Blueprint is broken in four parts; planning, materials list, construction and commissioning. “Planning” will give you some guidance in getting prepared. “Shopping” provides a shopping list of services you need to get started. Finally, “Construction” describes the step-by-step process of building your home base and outposts. “Commissioning” throws the switch on your #CareerGravity.

Set Up #CareerGravity

Everyone’s career deserves the best chance at success. At #CareerGravity, we believe any career development plan should make the most of the opportunities that the Internet presents. This means:

  • Maintain #CareerGravityHaving your own personal website
  • Publishing a skills-based resume on that website
  • Utilizing a variety of rich media – photos, graphics, videos, presentations, etc. – to tell your professional story
  • Leveraging social media to expand your network

If you haven’t done all of these things already, maybe it’s because of one or more of the following misconceptions.

It’s too expensive. In our #CareerGravity blueprint, we’ll outline an almost completely free design route. But would you believe that going “all in” will cost you about $5 per month?

I don’t have the time. One weekend and fifteen minutes per day are all it takes to fully implement the #CareerGravity blueprint.

I have a terrific, stable job. While we hope that’s true, one never knows. Since it takes time to establish #CareerGravity, it is better to have and not need it than to need and not have it.

I don’t know how. With the #CareerGravity blueprint, you can’t use this excuse anymore!

I’m not sure if it works. Obviously, there’s not a 100% chance that establishing #CareerGravity will lead to your dream job. But as hockey legend Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

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