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Webinar Recap: Online Contentedness

About one month ago, we presented the latest in our series of free (for now) webinars designed to help you get started with your #CareerGravity. Then, life happened, and this recap of that webinar has been a long time in the making. I’ll spare you the annoyance of hearing that good things come to those […]

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Dear Start-ups: Your Employees, Your Employer Brand

An organization has two brands: an employer brand and a consumer brand. And the two converge today effortlessly, as a matter of course. That’s because of social media generally and the web, period. For established organizations, especially large enterprises, the new dynamics are a potential liability; gently persuading all those employees’ voices to communicate a […]

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Entrepreneurs Need Gravity, Too

If you’re a start-up and you don’t have a sophisticated and teeming presence online, you don’t exist. Yes, yes, you exist, but you’re invisible. You’re kind of like a tree falling in the forest, with nobody there: You might as well not exist. Perhaps you don’t want to seem to exist. That’s a legitimate strategy, and […]

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Creative Commons: Finding and Attributing Images Online

Your image is important. So are your images, and to generate #CareerGravity, your online image, you need images. Say It With Content and know that your written content is rarely enough. Your content needs images—high-quality images whose copyrights, ideally, come with no fee. Fortunately, for images that aren’t you, you don’t need to be a skilled […]

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Webinar Recap: Web Hosting with Real Intelligence [Updated]

As he presented this past Thursday’s webinar, Jon DiPietro, my co-founder at #CareerGravity, cautioned attendees to choose Web hosting wisely for their online footprints’ hubs, their WordPress blogs. Yes, several factors demand consideration, but perhaps the most important for novices is customer support: How well does the Web hosting company tend to its customers’ needs? […]

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Facebook + Job Board? Cognitive Dissonance

Think about the amount of time you spend (and waste) on Facebook. Yes, you’re addicted to Facebook, and sooner than later, the number of Facebook addicts will exceed 1 billion. Those are formidable numbers, right there. Think about the marketing-related and other delusions wrought by the thought of a billion Facebook addicts. Yes, it’d be enough […]

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WordPress Web Hosting How-To: Webinar Encore

Some rock bands enjoy such adulation from their fans that audiences at live concerts demand encore after encore, to the point that an announcer must declare, over the PA system, that “Elvis has left the building.” Heavy metal bands provide much fodder for caricatures of these scenarios, and that’s an explanation for the playfulness and […]

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Step Inside with LinkedIn

You might be wondering how it’s possible to get your foot in the door by way of LinkedIn, a social media network. But that’s a figure of speech, of course, and the article linked to right there contains much good advice about how to use LinkedIn to get your figurative foot in the door. What […]

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