digital footprintLooking for a better job? More money? A promotion? New challenges? Career Gravity shows you how to create a large, permanent, disruptive, online footprint.

  • Expand your professional network
  • Attract new opportunities
  • Market yourself like the big brands
  • Adapt to the latest recruiting trends

#CareerGravity teaches you how to create an engaging, disruptive and effective digital footprint that takes your career to the next level. We show you how to use surprisingly free and low-cost tools at the tactical level to create an explosive online presence, one that generates a gravitational pull with the power to expand your professional network and attract new opportunities.

You can start learning right away with our free downloads — the #CareerGravity Blueprint, a 31-page e-book, and the Social Media Outposts Cheat Sheet. Later, explore basic membership and gain access to a large library of how-to videos. Premium resources, such as one-on-one online coaching sessions with our founders, along with their sought-after offline workshops, round out the many opportunities that #CareerGravity gives you to improve your digital game.

Co-founders Jon DiPietro and Brent Skinner bring to #CareerGravity an extensive mix of complementary skills, expertise and experience in disciplines such as search engine optimization, social media outreach, college-level instruction, business writing for the human capital industry, and more. #CareerGravity is a destination where their guidance and your self-directed study intersect, enabling you to create and take control of a multidimensional online persona designed to transform your career into a gravitational masterpiece.